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Tartu Early Music Festival 2003

The main themes of VIII Tartu Early Music Festival are music and poetry in various cultures and Chinese early music. In medieval times Europe and China, two places worlds apart, may have been connected by a bridge called the Great Silk Road. The Festival will allow us to listen to what was going on at the time at the opposite ends of the bridge and around them. Among other things, the concerts will feature troubadour songs, one of the pillars of medieval European poetry and court music. There will also be music from the ancient silk-stringed Chinese instrument guqin, emobodying elements from both the Confucian and the Taoist philosophy; music written by the legendary XV century mystic and poet Kabir as well as other Indian religious performers; songs of Finno-Ugric indigenous tribes and from the Kalevala, as well as a selection of pieces from Russia, Byzantium and various places of medieval Europe.

The slogan "Come discover an unkonwn world!" can be interpreted literally: there is a vast body of magnificent music that we have not yet discovered for ourselves. Thanks to the information society that we live in we have the possibility of listening, right here and now, to music that has sounded in distant times and places but may yet speak to us with renewed freshness. Let us not miss this opportunity! I wish everybody memorable festival experiences.

Raho Langsepp, Artistic Director of Tartu Early Music Festival

XXIV International Festival ORIENT et OCCIDENT 10 - 13 October in Tartu & Tallinn


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FA Schola presents:
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FA Schola presents:
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