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The Cathedral Concerts

The Cathedral Concerts series was organised by Festivitas Artium in Tartu from January 2000 through May 2002. The series' structure followed the conceptual idea of Tartu Early Music Festival both in its choice of music as well as in supplementing the latter by a variety of lectures shedding light on the music's broader historical background. The series motto can be summed up as ‘integral academic approach to history and culture', which aptly justified Tartu as the location for the series. The purpose of the Cathedral Concerts included drawing the public's attention to the need for conservation of Tartu Cathedral ruins and the early history of the city of Tartu in general, thus enabling the city to enhance its awareness of our earlier cultural background and making it more attractive to visitors.

FA Schola presents:
CD "Music from the Time of Marco Polo"


FA Schola presents:
CD "The Sound of
Medieval Flute"